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NHT Global has a firm commitment to always provide our distributors with state of the art business and training tools.


Sales Tax Notice (United States Only)

Sales Tax Adjustment Form PDF (United States Only)

Sales Tax Adjustment Template Excel (United States Only)



Explore the targeted benefits of our diversified product offering in our most up-to-date product brochure. Whatever your health needs and goals, NHT Global has a great product solution to help take your beauty, health, and wellness to new heights. Read more to learn how NHT Global products can help YOU, or use this tool as a sales aid to show prospective distributors and customers!

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This presentation is a must-have tool for introducing the NHT Global business and unique products to prospects and customers. This informative 24-slide presentation is the helpful and insightful business tool you’ll need to showcase NHT Global to the world.

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SEOUL EVENT VIDEO 01.2014 from NHT Global on Vimeo.

INCENTIVE EUROPE – 2013 from NHT Global on Vimeo.

NHT Global 10th ANNIVERSARY from NHT Global on Vimeo.