Opportunity Overview

Do you want to be better off in the next five years? How about in one year? Next month?

Everyone hopes for better, but few take action.

In a group of 100 people at age 65*:
54% will be broke
36% will be dead
5% will STILL be working – SCARY REALITY!

But…the other 5% will have created personal wealth…HOW?

MOST are independent business owners! YOU can start your own business with NHT Global…a proven solution…TODAY, and change your future.

HOW is NHT Global a proven solution?

NHT Global has products that produce IMMEDIATE RESULTS

  • Alura® by NHT Global – intimacy crème for women
  • Skindulgence® 30-Minute Non-Surgical Facelift System
  • Skindulgence® BioCell Mask – skin moisturizing and brightening treatment
  • Skindulgence® Time Restore Essence – skin nourishing treatment
  • Skindulgence® Time Restore Eye Cream – anti-wrinkle eye treatment
  • LaVie™ – health energy drink
  • Premium Noni Juice – dietary supplement drink


  • Offices worldwide
  • Distribution within more than 40 countries
  • More than $500,000,000 in sales and growing
  • Member of the Direct Selling Association. To view the Code of Ethics by which we abide please click here: www.dsa.org/ethics/
  • Subsidiary of 23-year-old publicly traded company, Natural Health Trends Corp. (trading symbol: NHTC)
  • Experienced executive team


Upon sign-up, you will be given a Retail Business Center (RBC)

Three steps to start:

  • Enroll your RBC with a $100.00 Business Builder Pack
  • Activate your RBC with your initial product order – create or customer order with the products YOU want and YOU can build a business around the world
  • Sponsor two people who do the same

FOUR ways to earn:

  • Retail profits – Buy at wholesale and sell at retail
  • Direct Sales Commissions and Generational Bonus – Earn a generational bonus off of volume of your personally sponsored distributors up to three levels deep in your Generation Tree.
  • Express Override Bonuses – Based on your sales and your entire team’s worldwide sales for a 1/3 – 2/3 split and triggering an express cycle bonus at 3,750 BV (1,250 BV / 2,500 BV)
  • True Matching Bonuses – Earn bonuses on commission cycles earned through your personally sponsored downline up to three levels deep in your Generation Tree.